We provide a simple and competitive marketplace for items that you want to sell through consignment with us. We will make to ensure maximum product exposure to the market. Please send us an email at with the following information to begin our consignment process:

- Make/Model of the shoe(s) you wish to sell 
- Size 
- Condition 
- Any Flaws/Original items that are missing 
After receiving all information above, we will determine the current market value for your product(s). 
Once you agree to sell through us we handle all aspects of the sales process from start to finish after your item sells. You can mail your shoes to us after an agreement has been made and contract has been signed.
You will receive a check for 85% of the final sales price once your shoes sell. Our commission is 15% of the final sales price (this excludes shipping cost).
Please email us at if you have additional questions.