Mr Sneaker Shield Crease Protectors

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Our high comfort shoe shields defend your sneakers from creases. They insert easily into your shoe, protecting the toe box from the inside. This stops creases and wrinkles while your walking.

✅ ULTIMATE CREASE PROTECTOR: Protect your favourite trainers with our crease protectors! The Shoe Crease Protector fits in every trainer or sneaker such as Airforce / AF1 or Jordans / Jordan 1's. The Anti Crease Shoe Shields are designed as the ultimate shoe protector and crease protector

✅ ANTI SHOE CREASE PROTECTORS: No More Creases! With our shoe crease protector, you can keep your favourite airforce, Jordans or sneakers out the box fresh! Guard and shield your sneakers from damage with the REVIVE crease protectors for air force and crease protectors for Jordan 1

✅ JORDANS, AIR FORCE, CREASE PROTECTOR: Crease protector fits every size trainer! Air force 1 crease protector sneaker shield is customisable and works as a crease protector for air force, Jordans inc Jordan 1's, air force crease protector sneaker shield trainer protector from REVIVE Footwear

✅ PROTECT YOUR TRAINERS: Without a crease protector from REVIVE, your trainers won't stay out of the box fresh. Protect your best trainers with the crease protectors anti-crease sneaker shield.


Color: white/black
Size: UK 5-12 | EU 40-46
Dimensions: Height Range 3.7-4.5cm | Width Range 6.7-8.4 | Length 14.5cm
Quantity: 1 pair

About Our Crease Protectors
The Jordan 1 crease protectors are the best accessory for your trainers available on the market. They have been designed to protect your trainers from creasing and allow you to keep your favourite shoes looking out-of-the-box fresh for longer. Not only have they been made with durable, high-quality material, but we’ve also added breathable holes to keep your shoes fresh. The non-slip points on top of the crease protector hold them in place in your trainers to stop them from sliding around which makes them even more comfortable and gives you the ultimate shoe crease protector.

Our shoe crease preventers are designed for both Men & Women from the UK sizes 5-12 (EU 38-46) that will fit inside the majority of shoe designs. The plain white design is simple and won’t be visible once inside your trainers.

Inside the packaging:
1 pair of crease protectors
How-to-fit Instructions